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To be happy, healthy and alive it starts with the heart. 

inner beauty resources

Self-empowerment requires self-care. Below are simple and easy practices that you can begin introducing into your day to multiply the power of your healing / transformational] journey.

  • Why is our heart so important?
    Your heart is your second brain. It's the source of the feelings you have, the decisions you make, and your sense of what is right and true. But it’s a delicate space. And, over the years, it’s built up defenses in response to the stress and emotional pain that we’ve experienced throughout our lives. The heart believes it needs these energetic barriers to protect itself from further harm, but they are also what holds us back from health and happiness. At difficult times in your lives, the pain you are going through can feel like it is too much to bear. The heart has its own way of protecting itself from experiencing too much of the pain. It randomly appropriates the energy of some of these trapped emotions and uses it to build an energetic “wall” around itself. ​ This does the job of protecting itself at that time, but once up, it stays up, and also “protects” us from truly giving and receiving love. It blocks the positive as well as the negative and prevents us from living according to who we truly are. By releasing trapped heart wall emotions you give your heart permission to relax, breathe and let the world back in. Imagine your heart is like a house. Some of the rooms get messy or damaged so it shuts off the lights and locks the doors. You no longer need to deal with these rooms, but you’re also cut off from accessing them. Over the years, the house of your heart space has been shutting down like this, room by room. But what if you could open the doors, turn on the lights and clean out the junk from these abandoned spaces within you? Imagine the new experiences and possibilities this opens up to your life.
  • What does each Inner Beauty Healing Session involve?
    Each session takes just 20 minutes of your time. It can be done in person or remotely as a distance proxy assessment - no scheduled appointment is required. After booking your spot, and submitting some quick information, your healing can begin without you even needing to be present. This type of session is preferred by my overseas clients who have a significant difference in time zone and/or a language barrier, and also by my clients all over the world who have busy or demanding schedules. Everything done over email with no telephone appointment involved. Convenient!
  • How many sessions will I need?
    A Heart-Wall session generally takes between two to four sessions to truly clear the body’s stuck emotions. You will receive a written emailed report at the end of your phone session, detailing exactly what was done.
  • How does the Emotion + Body Code system work?
    From minor difficulties to terrible traumas, every painful experience you’ve had from early infancy remains imprinted on the body. The subconscious mind (the “silent leader” of your life) stores these memories and guides your decisions, behaviors, and belief systems without you even knowing it. This is why going through our daily lives sometimes feels like we’re trying to navigate a room in pitch darkness, bumping into furniture and thinking “Ow! Where did that come from?” Well, imagine cracking a window and letting a little bit of light in - now you can see a little better and perhaps prevent some of those painful collisions. What if you could then get the window all the way open and then have a full view of the room’s layout? What if you could then start rearranging furniture in the room, tailoring it to your needs. The transformative process of the Emotion + Body Code helps create that awareness, healing, and empowerment. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck or burnt out, this could be the result of experiences going all the way back to childhood causing energetic knots that still need to be untangled. Any problems with health and physical pain are also the sum of these experiences. After all, your organs are energetic machines, and subtle imbalances in their circuitry can throw your body’s entire system off, resulting in anything from brain fog to insomnia. Rather than treating the symptoms of these problems (as many medical systems do), the Emotion + Body Code process gets to the root cause of the issue so you can be restored to your natural state of health and vitality. Each session can be done in person or remotely and takes just 20 minutes of your time. It looks at six different areas of need, all detailed in your customized Emotion + Body Code report. They include: Energies: Circuitry Toxicity Pathogens Structure Nutrition ​ Since these stuck emotions and imbalances live in the subconscious mind, you might be wondering how they can actually be seen, let alone released. But the subconscious can actually be communicated by using muscle testing. The Emotion + Body Code process asks carefully-tuned questions and observes the physical response, letting the body tell us exactly the kind of healing you need. Special] magnets are then used to tap into your body’s energy meridians, untangle knots we discover, and rebalance your energetic harmony. Though your Emotion + Body Code sessions can even be done while you’re sleeping halfway across the world, you can opt to be present for it. Afterwards you’ll be consulted on what was discovered - live or via recording - and the next steps you can take to amplify your healing/transformation] process.
  • What are Bach Flower Remedies?
    The original Bach Flower Remedies is a safe and natural method of healing discovered by Dr. Bach from 1920 – 1930’s in England. The remedies gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred and indecision which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole allowing peace and happiness to return to the sufferer so that the body is free to heal itself. The Bach Flower Remedies are made from wild flowers and are safe for the whole family including pets.
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