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You can’t bottle beauty or truth. But at PAMELA BOND SKIN FITNESS, we bottle the next best thing: truth in skin care and cosmetics. Somewhere in the vast world of natural skin care products and revolutionary chemical treatments is a clearer picture of what real skin care should be. 


This is where Pamela Bond products stand – in a perfect blend of goodness of nature with the addition of pure science. We combine years of scientific research with the ingredients and botanicals of the earth. We harness the power of essential oils, vitamins and antioxidants into products that are effective and innovative, delivering the best results possible.

And we do this by balancing the best that nature and modern science have to offer – using biomimetic ingredients that are scientifically proven. This allows us to create focused, high-performing skin care treatments and products that empower you to take your skin care health into your own hands. 


Science and nature are truly wonderful complements to each other, and we believe this fusion enables your skin to achieve its optimal wellness. It is possible to have safe and effective skin care that is created from cutting edge research. And we believe this holistic view provides the best of both worlds, resulting in a beautiful you, both inside and out.

"Organic v. Non-organic"


We recognize that nature is inconsistent. The quality of organic ingredients and the quality of the product containing them depends on the weather, the soil the ingredient is grown in, the amount of sun the ingredient is exposed to, and more. It is almost impossible to guarantee the same product every single time, due to all these variables. Some ingredients end up being grown so poorly that they don't bring any effectiveness to the product.


Pamela Bond's Skin Care go beyond the "organic v. non-organic" inquiry. Our products are instead formulated with the highest quality, high-performance ingredients for consistent results every time.


At Pamela Bond Skinfitness, we are concerned with the standardization of the plant extracts for the formulation of our products. We look for the chemical composition of the extract we want to use so we can guarantee the same performance of that ingredient every time our product is made.


At the same time, we recognize that it's crucial not to ignore the substantive scientific research supporting certain chemical ingredients, such as retinol, niacin amide, and vitamins C and E, to name a few, that have proven to be safe and have long-term benefits to skin.

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