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Reset your body, mind and spirit back to a lighter, balanced, more harmonious and peaceful state.

Sacred rituals and ceremonies have become an integral part of my daily life and business.


When we create a ritual or ceremony, we are consciously choosing to co-create with great spirit.  When we work with great spirit in this way, we're opening up for magical things to happen.


 There is a difference between a ritual and a ceremony. A ritual implies repetition. The daily ritual could be having a cup of morning tea or having your nightly bubble bath at 6:00 PM: something that is done at a similar time and has a fixed formula. We may not be aware of these habits, but they create a structure for our day. If we choose to turn these habits into sacred self-care, we can transform moments into healing magic. 


The self-loving rituals that prepare me for my day ahead include morning dog walks, meditation, cleansing my house with incense, and soul journaling.  Daily yard walks, earthing, and talking to my plants throughout the day blessing my food and drink and at before bed offer prayers and gratitude.


A ceremony, on the other hand, is more like marking a moment of change, growth, or transformation. A ceremony is alive and interactive.


I believe that when we offer a ceremony or ritual it invites us to connect to Great Spirit. We honor Great Spirit and remember we are connected to something bigger than ourselves. This is where healing and miracles happen. 


I believe that sacred self-care takes commitment and the willingness to say yes to yourself. 

heart breathe in, heart breathe out 

Each one of us has love that burns within our hearts. Whether we know it or not, it is there, waiting for us to connect. This love increases every time we bring our attention to it, every time we breathe into it, every time we consciously connect and direct it to our heart center. 

  • Close your eyes, tune inward.

  • Bring your attention to your heart center.

  • Take a deep breath in through your heart and deep breathe out of your heart.

  • Feel the sensation of your heart opening and expanding with each breath in and each breath out. 

  • Allow your body, mind, and soul to flow and let go - of the old. 

  • Can you feel it?  Can you rest into the feeling? 





Fire ceremonies open you up to fresh possibilities. They can help you begin to appreciate and align with the cycles of the natural world. When the Moon is new the sky is at its darkest.  


The New Moon is a symbol of new beginnings, a time to go within and appreciate what you have. A time to reflect and manifest what you want in your future. The Full Moon is at its brightest, amplifying all that is ready to be seen. The Full Moon offers you the opportunity to let go of stale energy, release limiting beliefs and purge what no longer serves you. It opens you to magical opportunities.  


Fire ceremonies can be held out in nature or in the comfort of your own yard or home by candlelight. We will drum, rattle and chant. 


60 min | $95     


This gentle tuning ritual releases heavy energies from your seven chakras and luminous energy field. It fuels longevity and strengthens the immune response by releasing the heavy energy of physical and emotional imprints that have occurred recently or as a result of generational trauma. It brings healing at the source of your luminous energy field, the blueprint of your physical body.

By holding an activated tuning fork in the area of a traumatic memory or another difficult time period produces repeatable, predictable outcomes. The sound input seems to help the body digest and integrate unprocessed experiences.  As the luminous energy field dissonance subsides, clients generally report feeling "lighter" and a diminishment or resolution of their symptoms.

Sound bowls and Koshi bells play in the background to guide you back home. Each chakra is blessed and illuminated with white light.  It is the beginning of all healing. 

In-Person | Distance 

90 min | $180     

mun ki , SHAMAN





There is a lineage of women who freed themselves from suffering.  This lineage of women wants us to remember the womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life.

The feminine spirit of the jungle reminds us of this simple and vital truth. The linage of women through the jungle medicine has given us the 13th rite of the Munay-Ki: The Rite of the Womb. 

By connecting and activating this rite within, you become consciously aware of your own power to heal and purify yourself and the world around you; to create a fertile place for the new to take the place of the old.  When you recognize and connect with the energy and wisdom of your body and choose to do this work, magic is rekindled.  The Rite of the Womb connects with the purifying power within you and unites you with the lineage of women who have released themselves from the dynamics of suffering. When you receive this Rite, you begin to bring a level of consciousness to your many energy bodies and enliven its ability to purify negative and toxic energies.

Come join me and experience the connection with mother earth, your womb and all women.


  • Sage Foot Bath

  • Radiance Bath Salts 


45 min | $155