The SOOTHIEQ was invented by Acne Specialist, Susan Lujan. For her adult and teen acne clients, her high success rate in treating acne included daily home care regimens of applying ice therapy to inflamed pimples everyday. Icing reduces inflammation, soothes the pain associated with inflamed acne, and helps to shorten the duration of a breakout.

But getting her clients to commit to icing daily wasn't easy because of the inconvenience and mess of dealing with melting ice. So along came the SoothieQ. If you're short on time, you simply grab your SoothieQ on the way out the door in the morning and ice while you're driving to work or on your way to school. You can even use it over makeup.

This unique ice therapy tool is durable and has an easy-grip handle that does not fall off and is attached to the FlexiFreeze Water Pouch. Made entirely of food-grade materials and contains 100% pure water.
It can be used on inflamed pimples, puffy eyes, bee stings, insect bites, after facial waxing, and on many other skin inflammation conditions. So safe and natural, very easy to use, and super convenient.