Botanical perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis founded STRANGE INVISIBLES in 2000 with the conviction that high-end perfumes be made of authentic botanical essences. Alexandra lives in Venice, California close to the Strange Invisible Perfumes boutique and headquarters. She is dedicated to the art of botanical perfumery. Her botanical fragrances blend certified organic, wild crafted, biodynamic, and hydro-distilled essences. Each entirely natural perfume is designed, decanted, and bottled within their own natural fragrance house in Venice, California. Limited batches are reverently hand-blended, set into a base of custom-distilled esprit de Cognac and aged for a minimum of six months. All Strange Invisible Perfumes are completely botanical and unfiltered. 

Strange Invisibles do not use any synthetic chemicals in their products. The products are 100% organic, and their luxury packaging is made with paper manufactured using biofuel with pulp from sustainably managed forests. This is green luxury at its best! If you want to make the switch to non-toxic, botanical perfumes, then Strange Invisibles is for you.