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London, England, UK

I have had facials for years in numerous cities but it wasn’t until I began a skin fitness regime designed for me by Pamela did I get so many compliments about my skin. People frequently remark about how young I look and that my skin looks fabulous. I truly believe that not only are her products wonderful but the care and advice she gives are fundamental to her skin fitness treatment. Many spas seem to focus on just selling the products but Pamela takes a really holistic approach and works with you to design a very personal regimen.


Miami, Florida

Pamela Bond is a treat for anyone looking for deep treatment and relaxation. Pamela's personality and immense knowledge of skin and beauty is always an inspiration. Skin Fitness is taking skin care to a higher level of understanding. There are an array of treatments to choose from and an atmosphere of creative professionalism. I recommend Pamela's studio to anyone! Her many years of experience in the field shine in her ability to treat most any condition. I have been a dedicated client for over 12 years. Thanks Pamela!


Miami, Florida

I enjoyed Pamela’s facial tremendously, I thought she was very informative, has a healing touch and knows exactly how to make someone feel good about their skin.


Miami, Florida

I have been going to Pamela's forever. I do it for my skin as well as my sanity. I highly recommend Pamela to everyone; they will come out a new person. Just relax, clear your mind, listen to the music and enjoy.


Seattle, Washington

The lay-out with soft light and colors, the smells, and relaxing music invites to unwind and eliminate concerns and negative thoughts. Pam is an excellent professional; she personalizes treatments and is sensitive to the mood and needs of the customer. The customer experience is great, and one is looking forward for the next appointment. The products are natural and the best in the market. Skin glows and looks healthy. The only negative comment I can think of is that the session should be longer: 1 1/2 hour is not enough.


Miami, Florida

You have to EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE with Pamela. I have been going to her for facials for over 12 years and I would not go anywhere else. Not only is the service superb, but the results are incredible. Just like she always says, Relax and free your mind..." That’s how you feel during and after a treatment with Pamela.


Costa Rica

People like me that don't like to spend hours taking care of the skin will find Pamela’s treatments are a plus. She will teach you the importance of keeping your skin healthy with a few products that really transform your skin. Mine is naturally glowing! I love it!!!!


Seattle, Washington

 I never thought I was the type to get facials, but after one hour with Pamela I was hooked! This is the best thing you can do for yourself, a friend, or a loved one. I've sent several other people to see Pamela and we all love her. Pamela's friendly demeanor and fabulous facials make you feel wonderful every time.


Miami, Florida

I have been using this spa for over eight years now and let me tell you there is nothing like Pamela's treatment. When I leave I fill that nothing bad is going to bother me anymore that is because all my negativity and bad vibrations goes away with Pamela’s hands they are magic.


Miami, Florida

I cannot emphasize enough the attention to detail that Pamela gives, she approaches one with passionate enthusiasm and up to date, state of the art information, from the latest in skin care ingredients and how it pertains to your personnel needs. It is evident that her knowledge is extensive and gives results. Skin feels smooth and radiant. Her expertise gains ones trust almost instantly, which allows for a most relaxing experience.

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