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Mother Nature is truly beautiful and amazing in her balance. She provides rain and sunshine for plants to grow and after we harvest their fruit for our nourishment, she is able to break down the remaining plant material to replenish the soil and allow new seeds to germinate. Yet this marvelous cycle is far from perfect each time. Consider the challenge of the vintner. The highest quality of wine is only possible with the highest quality of fruit. The grapevine prefers warm, dry summers and mild winters. Too much cold will kill the vines. Tropical temperatures don’t allow for winter dormancy (which is why Florida is not renowned as a wine region0. Even with the best vines in the best possible location, several factors will affect the quality of the grape including soil chemistry, temperature, sun exposure and the amount of rain. These determine the sugar and acid content of the fruit which in term impact the flavor and aroma of the wine. When all of these factors align, we say that a particular crop produced a “good year” for the wine which in turn commands a higher price. Even the same vines can produce different qualities of wine depending upon the crop that year. In short, despite being beautiful and balanced, Mother Nature is inconsistent. So what if your skincare products are made with 100% natural or organic plant ingredients, will their performance also be inconstant? In a word, yes. Imagine if we knew about “good years” and “bad years” for our skincare products! The truth is that these variances exist, they just aren’t publicized. That is why all of the products in my Pamela line are based on nature but boosted by clean science. I carefully select ingredients specially formulated to give nature an extra kick and for you to realize better results. And frankly it is the only way I can assure the consistency that I need for my clients. Does that take anything away from my love of nature and all of her wonders? Of course not, I simply select natural and organic ingredients wherever possible, but supplement where needed. And I am always true to my philosophy and my promise to use pure certified organic botanicals and essential oils which are scientifically proven, all ingredients are ethically sourced with no animal testing…ever. We do use concentrated and balanced premium amino-acids as well as restorative vitamins, peptides and plant stem cells. But we will never use sodium laurel sulfates, mineral oils, bovine-sourced ingredients or propylene glycol. No paragons, lanolin, harsh alcohols, synthetic colors, fragrances or comedogenic ingredients. And no nasty chemicals you can’t pronounce. In short, our products use what I call “smart science” combined with nature, so they are consistently great for your skin, every time. __________________________________________ 
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