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Pamela Bond infuses her life experiences with a holistic touch and a purely clinical approach that embraces the wonders of nature and wellness. Since 1983, Pamela has immersed herself in the world of beauty, wellness and cosmetic chemistry. She trained with the world-renowned Brenda Morris of Elizabeth Arden and was eventually recruited by Lancôme New York to open a beauty institute in Dallas, where she became the most requested aesthetician in the city. Her clients included the famous Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders and cast members of the hit TV series "Dallas."

Along the way, Pamela developed a deep awareness for other sources of beauty in life. Feeling that life was about more than just living, she set out on a spiritual journey to connect her passion for skincare with her quest for health and well-being. Her knowledge of science coupled with her appreciation of nature led Pamela to realize that true wellness is more than skin-deep. Aside from providing skincare innovations that are the utmost in pure, holistically scientific products and facials offered, Pamela chose to also focus on health beneath the skin.

The connection between the mind, body, spirit, and how it all manifests in our skin is something that has deeply fascinated Pamela for years. To achieve a better understanding of the different dynamics in our bodies, she became a certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City in 2010. She studied with Deepak Chopra and David Wolfe to train in all the different meditation, dietary theories, and comprehensive coaching methods and continues her education regularly by attending lectures with experts such as Dr. Andrew Weil, Geneen Roth, Dr. David Katz, Dr. John Douillard, and Dr. Mark Hyman. Her interest in diet and nutrition led her to become a member of Slow Food Miami, an organization that embraces locally-grown, sustainable food for the health of our bodies and our environment.


In 2018 Pamela graduated from the world's most renowned school of energy medicine - The Four Winds. She has acquired the skills and tools to help others make the energetic and emotional changes needed to create a balanced and harmonious body, mind and soul.  Seven Chakra Illumination, Soul Retrieval and Bands of Power are a few ceremonies that can bring about healing at the source of our luminous energy field, the blueprint of our physical body.

Pamela's techniques go far beyond the basics of skincare and wellness to achieve a deeper, more holistic understanding of our bodies. Exceptional in her vision and drive, Pamela is one of the few innovators to truly infuse worlds. Science and nature, skin care and diet, health and spirituality all come together to help clients make lifestyle changes that produce lasting results. She strives every day to keep learning and keep moving forward, all while maintaining an inner peace that comes from knowing that each moment is a gift.

favorite things

Talking to my yard


Full Moons

Cuddles with my dogs

 Coffee with whip cream 


Designing sacred spaces

Tree baths 

Bubble baths

Sound bowls


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Intuitive, Introvert, Passionate  

Gemini    | Sagittarius    | Aries

Entrepreneurial Archetype: Teacher|Creator

Gene Keys: 16-9-37-40

Power Animal: Giraffe 

Earth Keeper