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skin fitness treatments

keep it clean,keep it clear!

Acne is not some unavoidable fact of being a teen. Or a life sentence for someone dealing with adult acne. It doesn’t need to be treated with extreme programs that destroy your skin, brain and general health. All you need is someone who will take the time to understand your particular skin and what it needs to become clean, healthy and clear of acne FOR GOOD.


I’m Pamela, and I’m here to be the skin coach you need. I’m a Face Reality-certified acne expert and I’ll be in your corner throughout a fully-personalized journey that will restore your skin to its natural, acne-free state of beauty. 


True freedom from acne is a 3-6 month process that will build your skin like a muscle through a simple 3-step process:


  • Step One: Consultation

  • Step Two: Treatment

  • Step Three: Peel




At this stage we look at your skin type, lifestyle, nutrition, habits and all the factors contributing to your acne (some will surprise you). Treatment will not be effective unless you get your skin to start self-healing by changing acne-causing behaviors. You’ll drop aggravating products and start using ones that are specific to your needs and able to truly deep clean and detoxify your skin. [Changing your lifestyle can be all you need to clear your acne. But if you want to speed up the clock on clear skin, then steps 2 and 3 are for you].

60 min |  $155