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  • BPA-Free Plastic; Instruction Manual Included.



The Anma (Awn-Mah) massage tool is designed for lymphatic drainage, fascia release, increase circulation, and minimizing tension lines created by repeated facial expression.


Over the years, repeated facial expressions such as squinting the eyes, furrowing the brows, etc., leave our musculature exhausted and depleted. This makes us look tired and older than we really are. Tense facial muscles can create involuntary habits like grinding our teeth, pursing our lips and furrowing our eyebrows.  The Anma works by gentle loosening and releasing the fascia. This, in turn, increases circulation, skin hydration and collagen production which improves the overall look of the face. 


Use daily, it can address the superficial and deep fascia. With the enclosed instruction manual, you will learn when to use more pressure and when to use the very light gliding movement. This treatment does not take long, and you don't need to do your whole face every time. Even just a few minutes daily will do the trick. ENJOY!

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