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Do you hold high standards, expecially for yourself? Infinite Love reminds us to be gentle with ourselves and others. Enhances self-love and kindness. Delicious honey elixir infused with flower essences. 


MAGNIFIES: Unconditional love for yourself & others; attract love + affection, enhanced magnetism, attractiveness + charisma. Magnifies gentleness, compassion, softness + receptivity.


DISSOLVES: Irritation, being hard on yourself, hard heart, feeling attacked, resentment, anger, jealousy, codependency, giving away all your energy to others and forgetting your own needs, past trauma, breaking through old patterns



  • HONG KONG ORCHID: Self-love + appreciation, self-expression
  • WILD FIREWEED: Dissolves old bad memories, heals wounds of the heart
  • PINK MAGNOLIA: Feeling whole + complete; self-care
  • ORANGE HAWKWEED: Self-sufficiency, clarity in relationships
  • PINK LOTUS: Wisdom, insight, spiritual understanding.
  • PINK TOURMALINE GEMSTONE ESSENCE: Kindness + gentleness toward oneself