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  • Inspired by SculpllaH2 Filler Facial Treatment


  • Acne Safe


  • Natural tint gives sheer-light coverage


  • 12g (0.42 fl oz) 3” round compact that is ¾” high



Sculplla H2 Sun Cushion is a broad spectrum SPF 50 and is the SPF/BB you take with you everywhere! This exquisite creamy formula in a compact (cushion) form helps to minimize visible signs of aging while protecting against both harmful UVA and UVB rays.


It will provide a natural glow throughout the day without feeling heavy or sticky on your face. It automatically adjusts to any skin color within minutes of application. It is even great for men!


  • Sculplla Sun Cushion repairs your skin (as well as protects) with PLLA and 4 GF (growth factors) and it contains additional anti-aging skincare benefits.


  • It's a SPF/BB you'll find unmatched by anything else.


  •  It is safe for sensitive and acne-prone skin.


Those with fair to light/medium skin tones who like sheer-light radiant coverage. This will also increase your results if you are already using the full Sculplla system. Not suitable for medium-deep skin tones.


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