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THE BEAUTY APOTHECARY is an ON-LINE STORE  full of holistic, natural skincare and wellness products that have been thoughtfully curated with you in mind. We choose our brands for their ethics, results, care for mother Earth, and commitment to exploring and understanding the science of nature.


Here, you’ll find only the finest fruits of the industry’s boom in Organic, Natural, and Green products. To us, beauty is more than labels and trends. We believe in peeling away the rapidly-spreading fear of ingredients to make way for a journey that is inspired, informative, and gratifying. The products we offer in THE BEAUTY APOTHECARY are products we work with, use and live with. Although we believe in the importance of striving to use green and organic whenever we can, we also place great importance on using products that have been scientifically proven to be effective and give results, supported by scientific studies.


Backed by research and more than 35 years in the wellness and cosmetics industry, Holistic Aesthetician and Certified Health Coach Pamela Bond delivers well-informed, personalized guidance to make your search for skincare products an exquisite experience for self and senses.

                                    Here at Pamela Bond Skin Fitness and The Beauty Apothecary , you matter most. 

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