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Placing cucumber slices on the eyes is a beauty ritual. When we imagine a spa treatment, we always picture a woman, or hopefully ourselves, laying on a soft white bed enjoying soothing aromatherapy with cucumber slices placed on her eyes. Such a relaxing image, but have you ever wondered what’s up with the cucumbers?

Cucumbers obviously do not have any miraculous puffiness-reducing properties. What they do have is a gel-like consistency that comes from their seeds. This consistency makes cucumber good for retaining coolness, which is why cucumber slices work best to reduce puffiness and dark circles when they’re chilled.

Why cold? It is a known fact that cold temperatures have the ability to shrink capillaries and stimulate drainage to reduce puffiness. Also, cucumbers consist of 90 percent water and thereby have a hydrating effect. Cucumbers just out of the refrigerator are colder than the skin and thus act like a cold compress. Apart from that, the cool temperature discourages the accumulation of fluid under the eyes.

A lesser known fact about cucumbers is that they are enriched with powerful antioxidants and flavonoids such as cucurbitacins, vitexin, orientin and isoscoparin, along with vitamins C and K. All of these nutrients work in tandem to help reduce the inflammation effect that causes puffiness and dark circles.

Cucumbers also help when puffiness is accompanied by irritation. They are a generally-accepted home remedy that may reduce irritation and provide a cooling effect to reduce swelling and puffiness of the eyes.

However, if you would rather not turn yourself into a salad each time your eyes need a refreshing lift, why not try keeping our CUCUMBER FIRMING EYE GEL in the refrigerator for a little pick me up for your eyes and the rest of your face? Its light and refreshing consistency feels even better when chilled.


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