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Are Cleansing Wipes A Good Alternative To Traditional Cleansers?

We all want quick fixes, so what's better than a cleansing wipe that you can throw away and that easily removes makeup without having to use water or a washcloth? The problem is the wipe doesn't really clean your skin well. They pretty much just smear dirt, bacteria, oil and makeup across your face. It's like putting cleanser or soap on your face but not wiping it off. If you really want to use a wipe, try not to use them often. When your skin is clean by properly removing makeup, dirt, and bacteria, your serums and moisturizers will work better. And from a green standpoint, wipes take a huge toll on the environment so best to use them sparingly.

But if you have to use a wipe to take eye makeup off, it’s okay. Because you're already washing your face with a gel, cleanser, etc., you can use the water to rinse the eye area and take off any residue left over from the wipe on the delicate eye area.

And it’s probably best to leave eye makeup remover on the eyes for about 20 seconds so you don’t have to rub and tug the makeup off, which can irritate your eyes and tear your skin’s elasticity.

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